New Electrical Installations

Improve customer satisfaction with smooth hassle free connections

Techmark has qualified technicians and electricians to professionally install all new automation equipment associated with blinds, awnings, roller-shutters and curtains. Making the process simpler for you and preventing unnecessary complications.

If automated blinds are not installed correctly they may not work properly and the customer may assume it’s a faulty blind rather that a faulty installation. Techmark can reduce your call backs and improve the perceived value of your blinds by installing the blinds quickly and properly. All new installations include accurate programming of the automated system.

Guarantees And Warranties

  • We guarantee to install your customer’s blinds correctly the first time and will give a 12 month guarantee on all installations.
  • If the motor is faulty and still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and Techmark was responsible for the electrical installation we will provide one disconnect/reconnect of the motor free of charge.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Techmark’s installation service includes free end user training. A significant amount of customers we meet aren’t aware of how to use some of the functions of the remote, for example operating the automatic sun function. By instructing the end user on the operation of their products we prevent future difficulties with customer questions and concerns, saving you time.

Drive Referrals

There is a real ‘wow’ factor when friends come over and see the full functionality of electric blinds and awnings, this obviously helps sell your business to their friends.