Why Choose Techmark?

12 Month Guarantee on Installations. This is a highly specialised field and there are an alarming number of incorrect installations that appear to work in the beginning but cause problems 3-6 months down the track because the settings or wiring weren’t quite right. We guarantee to install your motorised product correctly the first time and if a problem were to arise within 12 months we will come back to your home free of charge to identify and rectify the problem.

We are the experts in Blind, Awning, Shutter & Curtain Automation. Electricians have a lot of general knowledge but very few have the necessary experience with these specific products. Our extensive experience will save you time and money.

We will go the extra Mile. We are very dedicated to what we do. Whatever your needs we will go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We will program your blinds / awnings / shutters / curtains to suit your lifestyle. Most installers will just set your motorised product to the standard settings whereas Techmark will take the time to understand your lifestyle and environment so we can program your controls to best suit your needs.

We will train you how to operate your remote / control system so you can enjoy the full benefits of all they have to offer.

Honest, unbiased advice. Techmark are the independent experts in automatic blinds, awnings, shutters and curtains. We keep up to date on all the leading brands and will always provide honest unbiased advice.

Largest Technical Database. We have 18 years of experience in the industry which has helped us to compile the largest technical database for products from all the major brands and most of the small brands.