On-site Repairs

On-site Electric Blind & Awing Repairs

Techmark technicians are extensively trained in all major brands and models of electrical blinds and awnings so we are able to quickly identify and resolve motorisation issues when products break down.

We carry a wide range of stock in our vans and can often fix problems within the first visit.

By using Techmark for your blind and awning repairs you will be getting the benefits of a specialist company saving you time and hassle.

Typical problems:

  • Bad wiring.
  • Sun and wind sensors break down.
  • Break down of equipment
  • Warranty repairs – We have close relations with all the major manufacturers and can deal with them on the customer’s behalf. Generally when the equipment fault is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty we will pull the blind down and replace the motor, then send the motor back to the manufacturer under warranty.

Warranty Repairs

We have a close relationship with all the major manufacturers and can help you with warranty claims. When the equipment fault is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty we can deal directly with the manufacturer on your behalf.