Why Choose Techmark?

  • We don’t sell blinds and awnings! Techmark are the independent experts in tubular motors and automation. We keep up to date with all the leading brands and models so we can help you provide a better service to your customers.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. When programming the automated products we look at the full customer experience and will tailor the installation to their lifestyle and environment. We then give your customer full training on how to use the remote / control system so they can enjoy the full functionality of their new purchase.
  • 12 Month Guarantee on Installations. This is a highly specialised field and there are an alarming number of incorrect installations that appear to work in the beginning but cause problems 3-6 months down the track because the settings weren’t quite right. We guarantee to install everything correctly the first time and if a problem were to arise within 12 months we will go back on site free of charge to identify the problem.
  • Protect your reputation. A faulty installation will often look like a faulty product and can leave customers feeling a sense of resentment towards your business.
  • We are the experts in Tubular Motor & Automation. Electricians have a lot of general knowledge but very few have the necessary experience with tubular motors and controls. Our extensive experience will save you time and money.
  • We will go the extra Mile. We are very dedicated to what we do. Whatever your needs we will go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Improve your sales. Customers that have received full training on how to use their electric blinds / awnings are generally much more excited with their purchase which helps drive more referrals for your business. We can also provide training for your staff to help them improve their sales conversion rates.
  • We will match the manufacturer’s warranty. As you know the manufacturers will only cover the repairs of the actual motor which normally means either you or the customer have to fit the bill for disconnecting and reconnecting the motors. When you include our installations with your initial sale we will match the manufacturer’s warranty and complete any associated connection and disconnections free of charge.
  • Largest Technical Database. We have 18 years of experience in electrical blind and awning automation which has helped us to compile the largest technical database for products from all the major brands and most of the small brands